Now you can customize your logo showcase down to the smallest details.


    • touch screen navigation

      Compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices.

    • responsive design

      The plugin is fully responsive. It is responsive relative to containing div or relative to browser.

    • Two Skins

      The plugin has 2 predefined skins: black skin and white skin. You can also add your own skins in an easy manner.

    • link for each image

      Optional link for each image with parameter for _self or _blank.

    • Auto Play

      You can define the time (in seconds) until the auto scroll will take place. If you set it 0 the plugin will not auto play.

    • Tooltip

      Optional parameter to activate/deactivate the tooltip.

    • Grayscale

      Optional parameter to activate/deactivate the grayscale.

    • Border

      You can set the border size and border color for active and inactive logo.

    • Multiple Instances

      You can insert multiple instances on your website or on the same page.

    • Extremly customizable

      Multiple parameters from where you can customize your logos showcase.

    • Free Updates

      Once you've bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.



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